Permanent Display Machine/Test Equipment

Slitter/Rewinder for high-functional films, optical films

WS151 Slitter/Rewinder for high-functional films, optical films
Untreated materials
Mill Roll Dia. MAX. 800mm
Mill Roll Width 300-1100mm
Mill Roll Winding Core 3B,6B Cardboard
cylinder/Plastic core
Rewinding Dia. MAX. 450mm
Rewinding Width 300-1100mm
Number of slit 1-2
Speed MAX. 400m/min

Testing functions

Auto cut-off test device for winding

Testing functions

  • You can check several cutting methods and proper tension and winding condition for films from approx.0.020mm to approx. 1mm thickness.

Outline of Test Equipment
Unwinding Film Width MAX. 2000mm
Unwinding Film Dia. MAX. 500mm
Unwinding Film Core 3B
Rewinding Film Width MAX. 2000mm
Rewinding Film Dia. MAX. 250mm
Rewinding Film Core 3B
Rewinding Tension Range 60-1000N/all width
Rewinding Speed 4-170m/min
Cutting method Flying cut,
On-core traverse cut,
Aerial traverse cut
We offer free test run using these display machine and our test equipment.
If you have any specific request, please contact our sales representatives in advance.
(Please supply your own stock roll and cardboard cylinders.)