After-sales Services

In addition to our integrated production system incorporating electrical and mechanical services and our very high in-house production rate, we provide comprehensive after-sales services to support our users.

Information for discontinued electropneumatic devices

Discontinuation of parts used for our machinery may occur. We recommend early replacement in case of sudden mechanical failures.

FUJI TEKKO's Unique After-sales Services

Remote Maintenance (Remote Operation Monitoring Technology)

Our remote maintenance technology enables our electronic engineers to assess sequences and monitor errors on a real-time basis and help even our remote or overseas customers solve their problems.

Remote Maintenance (Remote Operation Monitoring Technology)

E maintenance

With just one click, you can save current sequence data on our control-paneled PC.
Send us an e-mail and you can find out the cause of the problems.

For longer use

To ensure a long "use-life" of our machines, we recommend overhauled. Please contact our sales representatives for the machines not listed below.

1. ARW(M20)Overhaul Information
2. ARW(M15)Overhaul Information
3. ARW(Aluminum)Overhaul Information
4. Wall-paper APM Overhaul Information
5. Three-shaft turret Winder Overhaul Information

For more efficient performance (Modification Examples)

We meet your request to modify the machine to meet your needs and improve its efficiency after purchase.

  Modifications Specifics
1. Speed Modification of gearing and motor capacity
2. Quality Modification of the touch-roller follow-up method
3. Labor saving Introduction of automated systems
4. Noise and Vibration Reduction Introduction of a damper bush and other vibration prevention measures
5. Enlargement of Diameters Improvement of drive rigidity and other parts