Production System

Production Headquarters

Integrated production from the processing of parts to the assembling is operated at our 5685m2 factory site.

Assembling Factory site: 2680m2

Our range includes a 42m-long large machine and a Factory Automation System comprised of multiple machines.

Assembling Factory site: 2680m<sup>2</sup>

Part processing factory site 3005m2

We place great importance on performance and quality. We manufacture almost 100 percent of our major machine parts and control systems to enable quick delivery of our products.

Part processing factory site 3005m<sup>2</sup>

Material formation facilities

Material formation facilities
Large NC precision fusion
cutting machine
PC-8000CNC-M55 2 other
Plasma cutting machine YT-065PCS Other
Semi-automatic welder YM-500KRz 10 other
Triple roll machine BU-S Other
Various pressing machine   5 units

Machine processing facilities

Machine processing facilities
Five column machining center MCR-25BZ Other machine
Portal machining center MCV-20A Other machine
Long(10M)NC lathe DHM90×1000 2 other machines
Planer type plano miller OP3W5M  
CNCCompound machine MQC TURN  
Radial drilling machine R-2000 2 other machines