Corporate Information

Selected as an Excellent Handler of Hazardous Materials at Hazardous Materials Safety Conference.

The 2017 (H. 29) Osaka Prefecture Hazardous Materials Safety Conference was held on June 9 at the KKR Hotel Osaka. At this conference, we received a Governor's Certificate of Appreciation for recognition as an Excellent Handler of Hazardous Materials Business by means of recommendations from the Katano city mayor and fire chief. This certificate of Appreciation was given to twenty-three operation sites recommended and selected from the various cities within Osaka Prefecture. This year, we were the only company selected from Katano City.

Hazardous Materials Safety Conference

Carries out work to improve and enlighten awareness of securely working with hazardous materials by recognizing people and companies involved with hazardous materials within the prefecture, especially those who have been diligently working and producing prominent achievements in hazardous materials safety with recognition by a Governor's Appreciation Certificate and certificate of commendation for regional safety activities from the Osaka Association for Safety of Hazardous Materials.