General Wrapping Film/Others

Wrapping materials Food wrapping(LDPE, HDPE, L-LDPE, CPP, BOPP, BOPET, BOPS, BOPA, PVC, PVDC, A-PET, Foaming products, Thermal contraction products, etc.) Clothing, Bags, Detergent, Sanitary products, Household supplies, Labels and others
Industrial materials Condenser film, Train carriage interior sheets, Masking tapes, Adhesive tapes, Heat-resistant sheets, Non-woven fabric filters, PP foaming products, buffer materials and others
Sanitary materials Disposal diaper bag sheets, Water-absorbing sheets, Blood transfusion bags, Disposal clothing, Sanitary products and others
Cooking materials Wrapping films, Aluminum foils, Cooking paper
Information recording
Magnetic tapes, Pressure-sensitive paper, Thermal paper, Facsimile rolls, Photograph films
Civil engineering and
construction materials
Wall paper, Floor materials, Roofing materials, Protection sheets, Tunnel seal band, Waterproof sheets
Agricultural materials Greenhouse for agriculture and gardening, Tunnel, Multi film, Ridge sheet, Sprinkle tubes
Office supplies
Drawing sheets, Book covers