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APM Series Automatic Roll Wrapping Machine

APM Series Automatic Roll Wrapping Machine

FUJI automatic roll wrapping system wraps various cylindrical roll products with paper or plastic film, and gathers and seals at both ends.
The basic method is to wrap up products cylindrically and seal them at both ends.

  • Labor saving
    The automatic wrapping operation enables cost saving.
  • Reduce wrapping material cost
    Cut paper and rolled paper can be used for wrapping process saves cutting costs. Double wrapping does not require cardboard boxes and helps reduce packaging costs.
  • FA(Factory Automation)/CIM(Compueter Integrated Manufacturing)
    Automation and computerization by combining with up and/or down stream process promote FA and CIM system.
  • Improving on working environment
    Automatization eases the workload both before and after wrapping operations. It saves workers from lifting products and doing repetitive work.
  • Various Options
    We offer various options to suit different wrapping requirements.

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